OWA 24/7 Championship
Current Champion(s) Nathan Fiora
Date Won June 30, 2019
Promotion(s) Omega Wrestling Alliance
Brand Kingdom
Date Established June 16, 2019

The OWA 24/7 Championship is a professional wrestling championship in Omega Wrestling Alliance. It is currently apart of the Kingdom brand. It was first established on June 16, 2019 and introduced by COO Scott Oasis during a press release on an episode of Kingdom.




Title History

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by OWA.
# Wrestler Location Reign Reign
In Days
Moongoose McQueen Kingdom
June 16, 2019
1 1 After the establishment of the championship, Scott Oasis laid the title on the podium and declared whoever collected it and left the room with it would be the first champion. Moongoose McQueen was able to do this.
2 Christopher Sabertooth Airplane
June 17, 2019
1 2 Pinned Moongoose McQueen while on an airplane on their way out of New York City.
3 Moongoose McQueen Hotel Room
June 19, 2019
2 6 Pinned Christopher Sabertooth in a hotel room after using a flashbang.
4 Harman Ardelean Movie Theater
June 25, 2019
1 < 1 Pinned Moongoose McQueen after making The Boys believe that he was Stark.
5 Kyle Movie Theater
June 25, 2019
1 < 1 Pinned Harman Ardelean after a dropkick.
6 Christopher Sabertooth Movie Theater
June 25, 2019
2 < 1 Pinned Kyle after cracking him over the head with a flashlight.
7 Miltiades Movie Theater
June 25, 2019
1 4 Pinned Christopher Sabertooth after spearing him into a wall and pinning him against it.
8 Christopher Sabertooth Unknown Room
Kansas City, Missouri
June 29, 2019
3 < 1 Pinned Miltiades after a vicious fist to the face.
9 The Udy Unknown Room
Kansas City, Missouri
June 29, 2019
1 1 Pinned Christopher Sabertooth after delivering a splash from the ceiling.
10 Hayden Cross Kingdom
June 30, 2019
1 13 Defeated The Udy in a match on Kingdom.
11 Kyle 24/7 Championship BenefitJuly 12, 2019 2 < 1 Pinned Hayden Cross after he received a guitar shot to the head.
12 Nathan Fiora 24/7 Championship BenefitJuly 12, 2019 1 1+ Pinned Kyle after wheeling a grand piano into him.
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